Indivisible Cape May County

Indivisible Cape May County
Founded: Jan. 2017
Members: 40 active and counting

The Cape May County Indivisible group promotes civic and community engagement through grassroots activism that centers on inclusivity and social justice. We look to support each other as we resist together and unify against the ideals perpetuated by hateful rhetoric.

Our specific agenda is to:
1.) Demand accountability from our elected officials, so they vote in our best interests and not special interests.
2.) Increase voter registration and participation
3.) Take action in favor of equal rights and opportunity for all.

This is a supportive and positive network. Our focus is on common issues, and ways to act on them. It is not required that members agree on every issue, but that we focus on common goals and respect each other’s views when we disagree.

We are presently most active within our facebook group and host regular meetings. Subscribe to the website and/or join the Facebook group to be alerted to current group events and activities. We value each and every one of you. Together we can accomplish great things. Let’s be Indivisible!