#ImpeachtheOrange Toolkit

The goal of this statewide coordinated and targeted rallies at each US Representative’s field office in the state of New Jersey is to pressure all our representatives to bring forward the articles of Impeachment.  Constituents must make it known to both Democrats and Republicans that we want them to start the process of impeachment.

WHAT:  Rallies to impeach Trump

WHEN:  Wednesday, May 24th

WHERE:  All over NJ at each US Representative’s district office

WHY:  So many reasons!!


1- Send/post this graphic about this statewide event your group of friends, family, and grassroots groups to get as many supporters there as much as possible.

2- Print these signs out or make your own.  Write a letter or card to your member of Congress to leave with the staffers expressing your views about impeaching Trump.  Make sure to ask them, “Will you support bringing forward the articles of impeachment against President Trump”?

3- Tell us when your rally take place here.  We will post it for everyone to see.

4 – Contact the media and let them know of your rally in advance.  Be sure to take pictures or videotape it.  It did not happen unless we have pictures, video, and media covering it.